Service support

MAVAT LLC is the official authorized service center of ZHAOQING HUAXIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. The company, which was established in the Guangdong province of southern China in Zhaoqing and today is a leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and materials used in the manufacture of electronic components such as resistors, inductors, capacitors and machines for the production of liquid crystal screens.

ZHAOQING HUAXIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. High-tech enterprise with its own research and development center. Plant specialists have experience in this field for more than 20 years. The company cooperates with leading state institutions of China, among which are: Academy of Sciences of China, University of Technology, Institute of Electronics. 21 proprietary patents registered. The areas occupied in production occupy 7500 square meters. The company employs 53 highly skilled employees who create machines that are shipped to dozens of countries around the world. 37 machines manufactured by the company operate in the Russian Federation, and are effectively used by the leader of resistor construction in Russia.

The specialists of MAVAT LLC have eight years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of equipment manufactured by ZHAOQING HUAXIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. We are well versed in the technical part of the equipment. We have a stock of basic consumable spare parts. All service issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. In addition to service support, our partners can always count on comprehensive consulting support. The specialists of MAVAT LLC are always in touch with you and will be happy to assist in the selection and implementation of equipment and will assist in the formulation of technology and the procurement of materials for production.

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