Metal wire


MAVAT LLC offers a metal wire made of copper-nickel and nickel-chromium alloys. Among which are alloys: Nickel chromium with nickel content 80% and chromium 20%, nickel composition 70% chromium 30%. Wire: alloy M15 copper 90% nickel 10%, alloy M20 copper 86% nickel 14% alloy M25 copper 81% nickel 19% alloy M30 copper 77% nickel 23% alloy MNNUMX% nickel copper 35% nickel copper 70% nickel copper 30% nickel copper 40% nickel% MNNUMX% nickel copper 66% nickelXNXX% copper nickel34% nickelXNXX% copper 49% nickel 56%, alloy M44 copper 3% nickel 99%, alloy M1 copper 10% nickel 94%, alloy M6 copper 5% nickel 2%, alloy M98 copper XNUMX% nickel XNUMX%. It is also possible to produce alloys according to customer requirements with any content of materials. For any additional questions, please contact, we will be happy to assist

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