Paper tapes for packaging electronic components

paper packing tape

Main Specifications

  • Type: Carrier / Cover Tape
  • Size: 8 mm. tape width
  • Material: paper
  • Version: perforated / non-perforated
  • White color
  • Application: electronic packaging
  • Features: size may be different, on request

The carrier paper tape consists of cellulose and is used to pack electronic components in coils. It is used in automatic machines for surface mounting of electronic components on a printed circuit board.

The standard carrier paper has a width of 8 mm. and thickness from 0,45 to 0,95 mm., depending on the dimensions of the packaged items. Below is a table of standard sizes of cover tape.


Width, mm

Thickness, mm

Length m.


8.0 ± 0,1 mm.

0.95 ± 0, 05 mm.



8.0 ± 0,1 mm.

0.75 ± 0, 05 mm.



8.0 ± 0,1 mm.

0.60 ± 0, 05 mm.



8.0 ± 0,1 mm.

0.43 ± 0,05 mm.


carrier tape for packaging electronic components
wrapping tape for packaging electronic components

Cover polyethylene tape is used as a means of holding electronic components when packing them in a carrier paper tape. Automatic packaging machines for electronic components, such as: resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, etc., place them in the cells of the carrier paper tape, then, under the influence of temperature, the upper and lower cover tapes are soldered to the carrier and ensure reliable fixation of electronic components for subsequent installation on circuit board.