How we are working:

We work so that you feel comfortable.

Your collaboration with us is an iceberg. The top is your technical task, the rest we undertake.

There are few universal factories in the world. As a rule, each manufacturer is strong in a certain direction. Having made a lot of supplies of equipment and materials, we worked and personally visited dozens of manufacturers. This experience allows us to make the right choice and get the best value for money.

All we need is a technical task.

  • We work only with proven manufacturers
  • We supply products of any complexity, according to your drawings
  • We control the quality of the manufactured products before shipment, our representatives abroad receive goods directly at the manufacturing plant
  • We deliver goods in the shortest possible time by any means of transport convenient for you
  • We provide technical support and warranty service.

product groups

Everything from packaging materials to equipment for the production of electronic components

product names

We constantly replenish the range of products offered by us.

regular partners

Our partner network is growing rapidly.

years of experience

Our experts work in the field of supply of materials and equipment

How we started

MAVAT LLC was founded in October 2017 of the year by a group of professionals working in the field of production of electronic components, as well as the supply of materials and equipment for their production. The company's specialists have accumulated many years of experience in the production of electronic components. MAVAT LLC is an authorized representative of manufacturers of materials and equipment from China, Taiwan and Japan. A visit to each manufacturer by our experts contributed to the establishment of strong ties and gave a guarantee of reliable cooperation. As a result, we do not work with intermediaries, we work only with manufacturers, and this gives us the opportunity to form the best price offers for you.

Always in touch with you