MAVAT LLC, offers you an extensive list of materials used in the electronics industry. Above are the main directions of our activity. On our page there are many types of products from technical ceramics. Among which: ceramic substratesused to manufacture passive electronic components and integrated circuits. Ceramic tubesused in the production of microwave components of high power, as well as in the production of wire resistors. Ceramic parts - products of the broadest use, performing both electrically insulating functions, and can be used as parts of various mechanisms. Ceramic rodsmost commonly used for the production of axial metal-film and winding resistors. Metallized ceramics, various configurations, it is possible production according to drawings of the customer. Ceramic balls, a huge variety of diameters, samples are provided free of charge. Structural ceramics, heat sinks, insulators, inserts, holders and many different applications, can also be made according to your drawings. High-refractory ceramic crucibles, material of production Al2O3, ZrO2, MgO.SiO2. Delivery of crucibles of any shape. Electrolyte membranes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for the manufacture of fuel cells. Our page is being filled gradually and it contains far from the entire list of products that we supply at the moment. If among the presented products you did not find the material you need, please send a request to any of the contacts listed on our page Contacts.

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